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Hey Donna,

As an expressly non-official member, lemme take a crack at some feedback.

I think you've asked the question in a way that can only be answered with a
denial of the request. You are asking the club to "approve" a remote site
they have no real knowledge about other than location. I don't see how the
club can approve a site when you are reticent to get approval from the

But the question itself might need to be reconsidered. Maybe I haven't
found the most updated guidelines, but the document I'm reading does not
say anything about owner permission. I do remember Doug recently talking
about effectively having the goodwill of the owner/manager of the site,
before, during and after usage.

What the rules do say is that you have to notify the club secretary with
the location so it can be reviewed "for suitability" . I take this to mean
it is suitable from a standpoint of being a site the judges would consider
to be likely in-line with the competition rules. I don't take it as an
approval of a competitor's right to use the site, since they have no
authority to grant such. So "approval" here means, yes, the judges will
accept the videos from that location as a submitted entry in the event. In
no way are they granting you the right to use that site for your intended

Doug and Carl,

Maybe it would help to clarify a little bit on the guidelines page that
approval is meant only in the sense of suitability as a course containing
the terrain/feature requirements of the contest, and that by submitting an
entry, a contestant attests they have the appropriate permissions and good
will of the site owners or managers for their use of the site.

You might even want to go as far as inserting hold-harmless language into
whatever tool you are using for contest registration.

Just my tuppence,


On Wed, May 19, 2021 at 12:11 PM Donna Smith via DPRGlist <
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> Doug, was not sure if you seen my resend of this info - so created fresh
> email.....
> ----------------------------------------
> Hi Guys,
> Today I reread the clarified \ remote entry rules and I have a question
> plus I want to pass on the data for my chosen venue (to get it approved).
> Question:
> I see I have to get permission of the owner to use the site; I certainly
> understand why and what on this, but this rule causes a bit of a
> concern-for-use on my part.
> Let me explain – the site I want to use is in my local public school
> district system. I checked on their website to see who\where I would apply
> for such permission.
> I did locate such info but the site indicates that “any rentals of school
> property are currently suspended due to COVID”. Note, the school is
> functioning currently in a hybrid format with kids attending some days per
> week in addition teachers\staff being there 5 days per week – so they are
> not in shutdown.
> I know their process and what I’d be asking the school district is not a
> traditional event rental – after all it would just be for myself, my robot
> and gear and my judge\assistant.
> There is also the very likely need I would have to pay a fee to do this
> ‘rental’ – something I really don’t want to do for this type of event.
> The reason I know the process and fee is that I have worked with rental of
> this venue back in 2017 when I worked to get this access for a summer run
> of Robo-Magellan; so I know the people involved.
> In theory, since I would be accessing the school grounds on a Saturday,
> they would never even know about my being there unless I contact them about
> it; and start “rolling a ball of yarn” on this.
> So rolling back to the start of my question – what I would love to do for
> ease (and potential rental fee) let alone being told that I can’t rent the
> grounds due to the COVID suspension – I would prefer not to have to get
> owner (school district) permission.
> Would that be possible in this case?
> Chosen venue (one described above) to get approval on:
> Google Maps link - https://goo.gl/maps/oUaB99ztPbt8vE3j6
> Lat\Long coords = 47.3803627, -122.2814262
> Physical address = 24629 42nd Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032
> Thanks guys and I look forward to your decision, Donna
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