[Dprglist] Robo-Columbus question + remote venue submit for approval

Donna Smith dsmith164 at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 09:53:37 PDT 2021

Doug, was not sure if you seen my resend of this info - so created fresh email.....----------------------------------------Hi Guys,
Today I reread the clarified \ remote entry rules and I have a question plus I want to pass on the data for my chosen venue (to get it approved).



I see I have to get permission of the owner to use the site; I certainly understand why and what on this, but this rule causes a bit of a concern-for-use on my part.

Let me explain – the site I want to use is in my local public school district system. I checked on their website to see who\where I would apply for such permission.

I did locate such info but the site indicates that “any rentals of school property are currently suspended due to COVID”. Note, the school is functioning currently in a hybrid format with kids attending some days per week in addition teachers\staff being there 5 days per week – so they are not in shutdown.

I know their process and what I’d be asking the school district is not a traditional event rental – after all it would just be for myself, my robot and gear and my judge\assistant.

There is also the very likely need I would have to pay a fee to do this ‘rental’ – something I really don’t want to do for this type of event.

The reason I know the process and fee is that I have worked with rental of this venue back in 2017 when I worked to get this access for a summer run of Robo-Magellan; so I know the people involved.

In theory, since I would be accessing the school grounds on a Saturday, they would never even know about my being there unless I contact them about it; and start “rolling a ball of yarn” on this.

So rolling back to the start of my question – what I would love to do for ease (and potential rental fee) let alone being told that I can’t rent the grounds due to the COVID suspension – I would prefer not to have to get owner (school district) permission.

Would that be possible in this case?


Chosen venue (one described above) to get approval on:

Google Maps link - https://goo.gl/maps/oUaB99ztPbt8vE3j6

Lat\Long coords = 47.3803627, -122.2814262

Physical address = 24629 42nd Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032


Thanks guys and I look forward to your decision, Donna

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