[Dprglist] Please promote the July 10th SRS Robothon Exhibition event

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Fri May 14 13:40:26 PDT 2021

Hi All,

I know there is a general DPRG Saturday meeting conflict in your general
participation at the SRS event, but you may want to change your regular
meeting plans and join the SRS in what is sure to be a fun, educational
sharing event!!!

Even if you choose not to participate\attend this event, please help spread
the word on this one through all of your various connections!!!

Please note the general ad-copy for further event details (not on the


I have also launched the SRS Youtube channel, so please subscribe to it (to
help with SEO)



Thanks in general for all your support (for myself and the SRS in general)
and I will see you all soon..


The content in this message applies to a world-wide audience of
robot-builders and tech enthusiasts!

This is to announce that the SRS (seattlerobotics.org) will be holding an
all virtual "Robothon Exhibition" event on July 10th, 2021!!!

The concept behind this event is to demonstrate, talk about any robotics (or
robotics technology-based) project you are working on or have completed that
you want to talk about - to educate the audience with!!!!

The project you present can be at any stage of development or completion -
as long as you have skills you have developed while working on it (either as
an individual or in a group), it is a great candidate project to showcase.

Some specific examples:

*	A robot build for a robot club contest entry (not just SRS contests)
*	A robot design based on your own contest idea
*	Any robot design with it's own function\reason for being
*	A sub-system design that will be eventually integrated into a robot
(either all hardware or software or combo of hardware and software)
*	Your interest and learnings you've gleaned on studying\applying a
specific technology (such as AI\ML or computer vision)

Really your imagination is the only limiting factor here - if it's a project
that is technology based, has at least a hint of applicability in the
robotics space - you are good to go!!!

Presenters, builders can either be hobbyists or professionals at any level.

Besides the "fun-factor" of being a project presenter, it also can build
valuable skills for your professional development AND you will likely learn
something new in preparing and presenting your material!!!

You can either join this event as an attendee only, or a presenter\builder
who wants to share their project for education!!

Please see all details and registration form at


Thanks and see you there - July 10th

SRS Event Planner: Donna Smith

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