[Dprglist] Reminder: DPRG Monthly Meeting - Tomorrow Sat 11 Aug - Noon - DMS Lecture Hall

Carl Ott carl.ott.jr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 07:35:17 PDT 2018

Just a reminder about tomorrows meeting

*Presentation Topic:*

*Adding Tons of Horsepower – Findings from an STM Nucleo upgrade to a rover

This month, long time DPRG member David Anderson will review recent
upgrades made to his infamous "leaf blower" RCAT robot – which used an
innovative replacement to the typical ‘gripper’ based solution commonly
used in DPRGs Can-Can competition.

Dave has ported the robot's subsumption architecture and LMX, a
light-weight cooperative round-robin multi-tasking executive, to an STM
Nucleo F411 board. The result is a dramatic improvement in performance.

David will also highlight a custom printed circuit board, a joint effort
between Ron Grant and David, that facilitates signal and power breakout for
clean wiring layout. David will provide details on how to obtain a copy of
the board.

As part of this review, Dave will also touch on the subsumption
architecture used in this and many of his competition winning robots.

BTW - if you have an account on meetup, please consider registering here
even if you're a DPRG member:

See you there,
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