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1) I can only suggest the fairly obvious:  add a power source that is dedicated to powering either your SBC or your Oak or both.     Of course that assumes you have room for it.   If space is tight, maybe you could go for 2 separate 1S cells so that you can place them on your platform where there is room, but still wire them up in series so you end up with a 2S LiPo or 2S LiIon that you then step down to 5.2V 

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Should be making the conference tonight so tossing out a question for discussion. 
I want to put an SBC on my RVR. The power limitation drawing from the RVR is 2.1 amp. The board I was going to us, an UP Board, draws more than that. Raspberry Pis approach that limit, also. Beagle board Black with WiFi seems a possibility. Another requirement is supporting C++ for development. 
I am going to put one of the new Oak Dev cameras which will add to the power draw and the amount of computing power needed. That eliminates the Arduino family. 
I suspect I won't be able to work within that power budget but want to see if anyone has suggestions. 
The accomplishment over the last couple weeks has been programming a Sparkfun ESP32 Thing board and my PC to connect over WiFi. Over the WiFi I can send commands to the RVR from my desktop system. May have a video showing this. But have some Thanksgiving activities to handle which may keep me from getting a video done. 

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