[Dprglist] SBC's for Controlling Robot

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Tue Nov 23 21:45:46 PST 2021

Folks at the meeting mentioned that Pis generally don't pull the power 
that is specified. I looked again at the specs for earlier Pis. I'd 
forgotten the Pi 3B had built in WiFi. Since I have one, I powered it up 
using an SD card that was already in place. It booted fine and power 
draw is much lower than the 'rating'. Now I just need to remember how to 
set up doing remote development from my PC to the Pi.

Might look at a Pi 4 when they become available in the middle of 2022.

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On 11/23/21 2:12 PM, Chris N wrote:
>  1. I can only suggest the fairly obvious:  add a power source that is
>     dedicated to powering either your SBC or your Oak or both.     Of
>     course that assumes you have room for it.   If space is tight,
>     maybe you could go for 2 separate 1S cells so that you can place
>     them on your platform where there is room, but still wire them up
>     in series so you end up with a 2S LiPo or 2S LiIon that you then
>     step down to 5.2V
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> Hi,
> Should be making the conference tonight so tossing out a question for 
> discussion.
> I want to put an SBC on my RVR. The power limitation drawing from the 
> RVR is 2.1 amp. The board I was going to us, an UP Board, draws more 
> than that. Raspberry Pis approach that limit, also. Beagle board Black 
> with WiFi seems a possibility. Another requirement is supporting C++ 
> for development.
> I am going to put one of the new Oak Dev cameras which will add to the 
> power draw and the amount of computing power needed. That eliminates 
> the Arduino family.
> I suspect I won't be able to work within that power budget but want to 
> see if anyone has suggestions.
> ----
> The accomplishment over the last couple weeks has been programming a 
> Sparkfun ESP32 Thing board and my PC to connect over WiFi. Over the 
> WiFi I can send commands to the RVR from my desktop system. May have a 
> video showing this. But have some Thanksgiving activities to handle 
> which may keep me from getting a video done.
> -- 
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