[Dprglist] Subsumption expressed as a behavior tree

Rud Merriam rudmerriam at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 13:54:47 PST 2021

Quite welcome to all. Glad to do this. I need the mental challenge that 
robots provide so happy to stretch in explaining things.

Murray asked about code: 
https://gitlab.com/robot-libraries/behaviortrees . There is a repo BT 
Test but it requires a C++ unit testing library, TUT, that isn't widely 
available. I'll be writing some example usage code that will appear in 
this same group of repos. The Behavior Tree code uses a logging library 
of my own which isn't in a repo. I think if you globally replace 
/mys::tout/ with /std::cout/ and remove the /#include <Trace.h> 
/references it will compile.

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On 11/9/21 9:56 PM, Murray Altheim via DPRGlist wrote:
> Many thanks to Rud for his presentation on Behaviour Trees today, it was
> great seeing a complete presentation that described things succinctly.
> Just to note, I've been collecting some of the Behaviour Tree references
> on a wiki page:
>    https://service.robots.org.nz/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=BehaviourTrees
> Anything passed along to me I'd be happy to add to that page.
> Cheers,
> Murray
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