[Dprglist] 2 wheel balancing "car"

Karim Virani pondersome64 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 16:45:27 PDT 2021

My youtube binge on harmonic and cycloidal drives eventually let me to the
GearDownForWhat channel where I stumbled over this:


This video is of a 2 wheel balancing "car". It's not brand new, but it was
new to me. The guy does share a simple overview of the control theory.

Anyhow, this video made me think of nBot and how different a mindset this
guy's approach seems to be. If David's is a closer-to--NASA (or really any
kind of professional engineering mindset), then this fellow is more like an
extreme sports enthusiast or toymaker. Both are interesting approaches, and
sometimes a free-for-all attitude can push the envelope of what is
considered reasonable or useful.

And if you're not familiar with David's nBot:

nBot is around 18 years old now? I remember when it was just a baby - David
demoed the inverted pendulum bot at the Bill J. Priest Institute back in
the day. Time to head off to college...

David, consider yourself poked for a response.


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