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Be careful. Remember that these circuit breakers and not very fast. 
Looking at the datasheet these 5A circuit breaker "worst case" could take as
long as 30 seconds to trip with a 10A load and "best case" it will trip in 4
seconds with a 10A load.

Dave Ackley

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In our last videoconference on Wednesday we discussed the importance of
having a system-level fuse, so that if we short out a motor or a battery
things don't quickly go south. With most batteries that can start a fire,
with lithium-polymer batteries that can result in an explosion.

Rather than using a fuse (which would be fine) I was pretty sure I'd seen
some small circuit breakers. Sure enough, there's an automotive style, mini
blade circuit breaker that fits into a standard socket ("conforms to SAE
J553 standard"), pretty cheap too. They seem to come in various amp and
voltage ratings, and come in push-to-reset and automatic-reset versions.

At Digikey there's a series from OptiFuse, e.g.:

   28V 5A

   28V 7.5A

   28V 10A

with the link from OptiFuse themselves at:


Hope that's of some help,


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