[Dprglist] Circuit Breakers

deltagraph at aol.com deltagraph at aol.com
Fri Nov 20 07:48:08 PST 2020

 Thanks for sharing -- they look pretty handy.
Funny thing is when I started using fuses on my robots was about the same time I 'stopped' having short circuits, overload conditions.Just me saying...  Maybe humor intended.
Would be nice to know if a lipo is concerned with duration of current surge from say accidental short. Just thinking fuse can blow quicker, but maybe not important.  Maybe having both fuse and breaker in series for ultimate safety?  Or just live on the edge?
Nice polarized power connectors sure are handy. In the early days I think things like screw terminals prompted me to use inline fuses to after popping a few lipo packs.

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