[Dprglist] Probabilistic Robotics

James LeRoy james at getsurreal.com
Thu Aug 23 09:22:25 PDT 2018

Hey Fellow Robot Enthusiasts,

I bought a book a couple of weeks ago on Probabilistic Robotics 
and found a current college course, Introduction to Mobile Robotics 
<http://ais.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/teaching/ss18/robotics/>, that is 
based on the book since the professor is one of the authors.  The course 
has all the lecture videos available online, and he states the book is 
not required.  It says "Introduction", but it gets into some very 
advanced topics and high level math.  I'm going slow in the book, 
because at the same time I'm also refreshing my math skills in 
Statistics and Linear Algebra.  I'm not exactly sure where this will 
lead me, but my goal is to try and progress from a robot using only 
micro-controllers to one where all the logic is programmed in python and 
will possibly run on a RPi and maybe on to micro type PC and the 
micro-controllers will just be the interface into controlling the hardware.

My intention with this message is to primarily share the resource I 
found, but also to hopefully find someone to collaborate with on this 
endeavor.  What do you say....who's in?

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