[Dprglist] Please review & comment - Proposed Line Following Course Layouts - Advanced and Novice

Dan Miner miner at zmail0.centtech.com
Tue Aug 28 13:31:15 PDT 2018

Would it be possible to purchase a copy of one of the courses to practice at 
home?  I live in Austin, not DFW.

In other words, place an order for 2 instead of only 1?  (Discounted price 
that way too???)

-          Dan Miner

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Subject: [Dprglist] Please review & comment - Proposed Line Following Course 
Layouts - Advanced and Novice

As mentioned in recent monthly meetings,

DPRG will print Advanced and Novice line following courses on banner 
material for this falls contests.

Pro:  This style of course is much lighter and easier to make, replicate and 
handle than the traditional linoleum tile and tape courses. Seems a bargain 
at $1.47 / sq ft.

Con:  Layouts are fixed - to change the course requires printing a new one. 
OR, printing ‘tiles’ on banner requires minimum of 2’ x 2’ squares, then 
kludgy process to join with tape to rearrange.

Please take a look at the proposed courses and speak up if you think 
adjustments should be made.  We’d like to print fairly soon, to let people 
start to practice for the upcoming 13 Oct Roborama Showcase at Dev Fest 

And if you’re interested to compete on 13 Oct, be sure to check logistics 
and register here


Reminder, these courses are intended to serve rules defined here:


Both courses are designed to fit within the 7’ x 10’ can-can arena, so that 
we can be space efficient if/as needed.

The advanced course is estimated around 417 inches, just over the 400 inch 
rule definition – close enough:

The novice course comes is estimated right at 300 inches:


DPRG VP & Roborama Wrangler

Ps. The recently printed Challenge line following course is still in good 
shape – no need to reprint that one yet.  We need more people to go for it 
and help wear it out with their robots….

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