[Dprglist] Ready to print Advanced and Novice Line following courses & New GitHub repo for DPRG Contest Rules

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Wed Aug 29 07:26:29 PDT 2018

Announcing the new GitHub repo for DPRG Contest Rules




Here you'll find an open source / version controlled compendium of rules for
all DPRG contests.


Note that the rules source is an "OpenDocument Text" format, which can be
viewed in MS Word.


For those line followers out there, we've included source files and
instructions to manipulate and print your own line following courses. We've
received several requests regarding bulk purchase orders for the line
following courses. Unfortunately, we have not observed any kind of bulk
purchase discount availability.  Plus, when you order a course on your own,
it comes directly to your door in a sturdy tube - very handy to protect and
store your course. So it's recommended to simply order your own without
trying to coordinate a bulk purchase.



Ready to print Advanced and Novice Line Following Courses


We've recently passed around early drafts and received feedback.  We'll
proceed with the Novice course as originally sent. We've updated the
Advanced course per feedback.


You can find low resolution proofs of the current courses here




We intend to submit these to the printer in time to bring to the 4 September
Robot Builders Night Out.


Note a slight process change.  In the past, judges would lay out Novice and
Advanced courses with tile on the day of the competition, staying within
competition rules but according to whim.  Now that we're printing courses,
it's a little more difficult to change the courses at the last minute.
Hence, we'll proceed by making these courses available for practice well
before contest day, and we'll use these very same courses in the 13 Oct and
10 Nov 2018 competitions.  But for next spring - well that's another matter.
Rumor has it that the secretive and nefarious RoboRama rules team will make
and print new versions of the Advanced and Novice courses for 2019 - which
nobody will get to run until contest day `}-/ 


After that we'll update the GitHub repo, and DPRG will have multiple /
different courses for subsequent competitions.


13 Oct Showcase Contest - Coming Up Quickly


As a reminder, the 13 Oct showcase contest DPRG will hold at DevFest Weekend
is coming up soon.

We're starting to see contestants register, but are hoping for more.

Please check the event summary here



and please register here so that we can start to get a headcount



Good Luck to All!



DPRG VP and RoboRama Wrangler

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