[Dprglist] AURIX TC275 microcontroller on Mega footprint board

paradug paradug at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 09:11:54 PST 2016

This new processor board might be of interest to some members.

It is the Shieldbuddy. An AURIX TC275 microcontroller from Infineon is a triple TriCore™ 32-bit device on a board that looks like and has the pinout layout of an Arduino Mega. It has an add-in that allow it to work with Arduino environment (you can also download a free version of gcc). You can actually run 3 programs at the same time due to the three cores. The TC275 CPU core design has a basic 5ns cycle time which means you can get typically around 150 to 200 32-bit instructions per microsecond. This is seriously fast when you consider that the Arduino Uno’s Atmega328P only manages around sixteen 8-bit instructions/us!    

It costs about 80 euros. Here is a link:

We live in exciting times.

Doug P.
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