[Dprglist] Practical Robotics in C++ book

Rud Merriam rudmerriam at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 14:12:44 PST 2022

I bought the kindle edition of the book /Practical Robotics in C++: 
Build and Program Real Autonomous Robots Using Raspberry Pi. / It is 
pretty good introduction to hobby robotics building.

The author covers basic electrical / electronics for motors and sensors. 
He then builds ROS nodes to handle the hardware. After that is a 
discussion on mapping and SLAM using ROS. The last chapter is an 
overview of building a robot with suggestions on the hardware. The 
material on ROS is good. It explained a couple things I was confused about.

Recommended for someone starting out, in general, and for the 
introduction to ROS.



-73 -
*Rud Merriam K5RUD*
/Mystic Lake Software/ <http://mysticlakesoftware.com/>
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