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The Analog Discovery is 100MS/s at 30MHz


The 1104X-E is 1GS/s at 100MHz so it is in a different class to the Analog Discovery with respect to sampling and speed.  (only 2 channels at 1GS/s – it has 2 ADCs, each serving two channels, so with 3 or 4 channels in use you only get 500MS/s)


A four-channel scope permits work with serial data (UART/ I2C/ SPI etc) with a variety of trigger options.


The 1104 can be upgraded to 200MHz via a license key (the hardware is identical to the SDS1204X-E except perhaps for the probes that come in the box), and there are logic probe and waveform generator accessories available if you end up needing them (you need the hardware and license key).  If you are so inclined, I have heard it is possible to obtain any/ all the upgrade license keys online at no cost.


I made a similar purchase decision a few months ago and considered the two options you listed.  I ended up going for the Siglent SDS2104X Plus, a bigger brother of the 1104 and I’m very happy with my purchase.  One of my reasons for choosing Siglent over other brands was the very good local support, including being able to do some hands-on testing of both models before purchasing.


I’m mainly doing microcontroller work and haven’t yet found a need to get the logic probe add-on yet, although if you are working with lots of logic gates it could be invaluable.




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I know that is opening up a big ol’ can of something with our group. 😊


Anyway, due to Christmas and Birthday dollars accumulating in my pocket, I was thinking about getting a new tool for the “lab”.


I am torn between:


 <https://siglentna.com/product/sds1104x-e-100-mhz/> SDS1104X-E (100 MHz) - Siglent (siglentna.com)




 <https://digilent.com/shop/analog-discovery-2-100ms-s-usb-oscilloscope-logic-analyzer-and-variable-power-supply/> USB Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer - Digilent Analog Discovery 2


I have funds to cover either.  I have my own thoughts about which one to get, but I know most(if not all) have opinions as well.


I was giving a talk last night, so I couldn’t join and ask this question directly.



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