[Dprglist] Regarding the .pio folder in VSCode/PlatformIO

Chris N netterchris at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 18:29:28 PST 2021

Pat Caron – this is mainly for you.  Didn’t have your direct e-mail hence using the list….

The reason the .pio folder is in .gitignore is because PlatformIO will populate the .pio folder.  It contains only files that are considered “temporary”.   Any library dependencies that you have will get auto-downloaded by PlatformIO into the .pio/libdeps folder.  If that’s not happening for you, try explicitly listing the dependencies in the platformio.ini file.  Mine for example contains the line shown below.   I’m also using GitHub for my platformio projects and I don’t have the .pio folder checked in.

lib_deps = 
    adafruit/Adafruit BNO08x@^1.1.3

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