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Cool beans!

You are way beyond me here but the implications are extremely 
intriguing.  Thanks for the links!


On 11/4/21 12:38 AM, Paul Bouchier via DPRGlist wrote:
> David, Rud,
> At Tuesday's RBNV you guys seemed to have agreed that the Subsumption 
> architecture was a special case of behavior trees. I wanted to 
> understand behavior trees, and to understand whether your assertion is 
> correct. I found a basic explanation of behavior trees here:
> https://towardsdatascience.com/designing-ai-agents-behaviors-with-behavior-trees-b28aa1c3cf8a 
> <https://secure-web.cisco.com/1ScxbgdzSKyu2yhbQ7ntNhde1u_xOyavxoz28lGa8YZmJDpAnOb1xDujqt4WQ3TFMXv3y6hc-s-qTAhRPPT_9EnIn8F63T4u3i0dKKbXsI7lZlUbkEX6q37Z1c_iFyXHqvZQO8WE5Cl7G8PGD3_sKwXlY5HL3p401IHytbaChcwu9xCGRCQaGwwEndiXkRugEHvd26EZwu0hCZRo0HJIjcpmCIka1jEJE0J35pUFmUEQO8se4WdmbMeR8XD8NuSxHqRVFApWh6L7qvQchRgTPBKw0vxUP_h76hTjvYdjqQ9k/https%3A%2F%2Ftowardsdatascience.com%2Fdesigning-ai-agents-behaviors-with-behavior-trees-b28aa1c3cf8a>
> It's a good overview, but is missing sufficient detail to design a 
> subsumption stack as a behavior tree. For example it's description of 
> a sequence node is "A node that returns success if all children return 
> SUCCESS" but it doesn't specify what happens if a child returns 
> RUNNING - does it retry all previous nodes next tick time? It only 
> describes one kind of decorator node (invert). It doesn't specify 
> whether a Fallback node re-ticks all nodes next tick-time if a child 
> after the first returns SUCCESS.
> After some searching, I found this set of pages
> https://www.behaviortree.dev/ 
> <https://secure-web.cisco.com/1BGcY91DyPGL6NOqN1I4BK3VOGRePCXGox-N_BmBPk3tXeKotQh2fDALOYU7wYI9W81jsuFkIFFlw5TWiL0ZHI76kUnb4-bTlG3kAGcKfRPM4tyfwcKCvNZhZyaoPo-BGmB2AHY5ulWT0oj1zH8GUK7oP4rjgPOdy0RX3koTjEvS8sGnU78iuokoNOc_X-3H8xEv5f8J8uJSqg4U1l2JRHAg-QFiXzfUuizqTenzi7V_bKXNQJA7VDkRiK8QryKUA984S7JBmCrQ9mevkOYED39znbjLWYdcvrqrmeIBbCBg/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.behaviortree.dev%2F>
> They describe an implementation by David Faconte (of PlotJuggler fame) 
> of a behavior tree library that is general purpose, and doesn't depend 
> on, but works well with ROS. In the "Learn the basics" section they 
> describe variations on the sequence and fallback nodes which seem 
> sufficient to design a subsumption robot behavior. The attached image 
> is that design. I'd be interested in your thoughts on whether I'm on 
> the right track here.
> The following description of the design assumes the reader has read 
> the Sequence Nodes and Fallback Nodes and Decorators Nodes pages, and 
> it offers commentary on how the behavior tree implements the 
> subsumption stack, including non-ballistic behavior.
> ReactiveFallback always ticks all nodes below it until it gets the 
> first SUCCESS. Thus, if Action ReverseTurn was running owing to a 
> bumper press, and then BatteryLow becomes active (SUCCESS), the 
> ReactiveFallback node calls HaltAllChildren() which propagates down 
> the tree and halts (subsumes) the ReverseTurn action. (This 
> implementation produces an abort behavior, but it's included to show 
> that BumperPressed->ReverseTurn is subsumable, not ballistic.)
> The subsumption behavior arises from the way ReactiveFallback stops 
> ticking lower-priority (more rightward) nodes when any preceding nodes 
> return SUCCESS. If no bumper is pressed, no IR detection is made, and 
> battery isn't low, then the last action, "Drive toward goal" gets to 
> run. But as soon as bumper or IRDetection is true (SUCCESS), the 
> corresponding behavior is executed, and DriveTowardGoal is subsumed 
> (doesn't run) until the corresponding Sequence node is done and 
> returns FAILURE
> If IRDetection returns SUCCESS (IR sensor detects object), Action 
> "SteerAway" runs, and steers the robot away from the sensor with the 
> detection. Once the sensor clears, IRDetection condition returns 
> FAILURE, Action SteerAway doesn't run (is halted), and no longer 
> subsumes DriveTowardGoal, which can then start running again. This 
> behavior relies on ReactiveSequence ticking all nodes (starting at the 
> beginning of its list of children), so the sensor gets checked each tick.
> By contrast, BumperPressed is called by a regular Sequence, which 
> doesn't tick all its children; if a child returns RUNNING (which will 
> happen while ReverseTurn action is active), it will only tick the 
> running child. Thus BumperPressed can become false as the robot backs 
> away from the obstacle, but it won't be ticked, so it won't affect the 
> "ReverseTurn" action that should run for some time after a bumper 
> contact clears. The RepeatNode decorator runs ReverseTurn up to 40 
> times (2 seconds at 20 Hz tick rate) as long as ReverseTurn returns 
> SUCCESS, then returns FAILURE (maybe - the documentation isn't clear 
> on this point - it might not work as described). When it returns 
> FAILURE the subsumption of lower priority actions ends.
> The tree shown is a DriveToWaypoint behavior tree - it could be used 
> as an element in a higher-level sequence that did something else after 
> achieving the waypoint, like seek a cone.
> This is of course all theoretical - may not work in practice - but it 
> looks to me as if your assertion that Subsumption can be represented 
> as a behavior tree is correct, and that a richer set of control-node 
> behaviors is beneficial. The Fallback node acts like David's arbiter, 
> running the highest priority behavior, as assessed by traversing the 
> list of nodes and not running any beyond the first to report SUCCESS. 
> It relies on its children to return FAILURE if they don't want to 
> control the robot, so that arbitration can pass on down the line.
> A very nice aspect of this library is it works with GROOT which 
> apparently allows realtime and after-the-fact replay of state 
> transitions (active behaviors).
> Thanks for an interesting exploration down an avenue I've wondered 
> about. I feel more knowledgeable now than I was.
> Regards
> Paul
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