[Dprglist] Outdoor Rover Series: Implementing Waypoint Navigation by David Anderson – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Jun 12th, 2021

Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Tue Jun 8 01:58:15 PDT 2021

I was very happy to forward the announcement of David's presentation this
Saturday to the growing membership of our Personal Robotics server on
Discord, currently at 64 people, up from 50 last week.

I may have to get up rather early Sunday morning to attend but I wouldn't
miss this one... very exciting!


You can join the Personal Robotics Discord chat server by following the
invite link:


which will be good for seven days. Once you've joined you can chat via any
web browser or by installing the cross-platform Discord application, either
of which allows you to set your online status to Online, Idle, Do Not
Distrurb, or Invisible, the latter basically a "lurk" mode.

We have a mix of experienced roboticists as well as some younger people from
all over the world seeking help in designing and building robots. The
experienced members of the DPRG members are *very* welcome! And the less
experienced too. :-)



On 8/06/21 3:29 am, secretary--- via DPRGlist wrote:
>   <https://www.dprg.org/outdoor-rover-series-implementing-waypoint-navigation-by-david-anderson-dprg-virtual-monthly-meeting-jun-12th-2021/>
>   *Outdoor Rover Series: Implementing Waypoint Navigation by David Anderson – DPRG Virtual Monthly Meeting, Jun 12th, 2021*
>   <https://www.dprg.org/outdoor-rover-series-implementing-waypoint-navigation-by-david-anderson-dprg-virtual-monthly-meeting-jun-12th-2021/>
> Posted on June 7, 2021 <https://www.dprg.org/outdoor-rover-series-implementing-waypoint-navigation-by-david-anderson-dprg-virtual-monthly-meeting-jun-12th-2021/> by Robie_robot <https://www.dprg.org/author/robie_robot/>
> This month we hear from longtime DPRG member and highly respected robot builder *David Anderson*, with a presentation titled, “How Waypoint Navigation is Implemented on my Robots”.
> With a powerful yet easy to understand style, David’s presentation will walk us through 3 important topics using a combination of design philosophy, implementation, and demonstration examples:
>   * Motion Control
>   * Waypoint Navigation
>   * Advanced Navigation Modes
> The meeting will start at *1:00 PM CDT on June 12th*, 2021. You can join the meeting by joining Google Meet at https://meet.google.com/hey-jxuo-esf <https://meet.google.com/hey-jxuo-esf> , or joining by phone ‪‪+1 405-586-5598‬ ‬ PIN: ‪682 
> 931 335 #‬.
> Learn more about David’s robots and journey at: http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/myrobots.html <http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/myrobots.html>.
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