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Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Sat Jan 16 13:30:27 PST 2021

Hi David,

Most frustrating, after I navigated to the SRS link, then opened up
the MS Teams application for Debian I'd just installed, after I
logged in using my Microsoft account (the one I have for my hateful
Surface Go, which I hadn't want to associate/link with my desktop
workstation or other accounts), then... I still need to sign up for
an MS Teams account. I'm forced to log in a second time, then asked
for my full name and email address. It sets up MS Teams, then tells
me to check my email for the link. Then I wait and wait but it hasn't
arrived yet.

But... (wait for it)...

The site then gives me a link: "Use Web Application Instead" which I
can click on, which opens the Teams app. It's a very long URL and is
tied to my account so there's no point in me sharing it. But there is
a web app.

But... (wait for it)...

The web browser application (on Chrome on Ubuntu 20) then just spins
away until I try to create or join a team. I don't want to create a
team so I try to find the SRS one to join, so I search on "SRS",
"Seattle", "Mini-Sumo", "robot", etc. but not a single one returns
even a single search result. Apparently the only way to locate and
join a specific team (e.g., SRS' Mini-Sumo) is to have that party's
name and email address. As that's not been provided I have no way to
locate the SRS Mini-Sumo event.

So I gave up. I'll uninstall MS Teams and be done with it. *sigh*

But I now have a Teams account and Microsoft has a name and email
address associated with my actual name and email address. Yay!

[This is precisely why I hate using these proprietary technologies
for group communications...]



On 17/01/21 9:51 am, David Anderson via DPRGlist wrote:
> The Team webpage pointed to from the "SRS Robothon" link from Donna that I can get to using Firefox only has two options, download the app or use the already installed app.  I see no option to use a browser.  There is no "Continue on this 
> browser" option.
> I will ask for a third and final time and then I'll quit:  does anyone actually have the URL for the browser option?
> David
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