[Dprglist] DPRG Members: Please VOTE via Email - Let's REACH A QUORUM before this Saturday's Meeting!

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 Thanks Carl,
I am receiving an tallying votes.Expect an acknowledgement from me when you vote.Tallying equipment was manufactured and programmed in the USA - Or so my "parents" told me.


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Welcome to 2021 !
Following DPRG tradition (and bylaws) - we need to elect officers for the coming new year.
All dues paying DPRG members in good standing are encouraged to vote.
To vote for the proposed slate, simply   
   - email election at dprg.org
   - include verbage like “I vote for the proposed officer slate”, or “I vote for the following people for office”
Our volunteer election official will collect & tally votes by registered members. You can also deliver in-person or proxy votes early in the 9 Jan meeting.

For more information about the election, renewing DPRG membership or officially joining DPRG - visit https://www.dprg.org/time-for-dprg-members-to-vote-for-2021-officers/
For questions, or to throw your hat in the ring  ;-) - email secretary at dprg.org.

Note the default Proposed Slate of Officers for 2020
President: Carl OttVice-President: Clay TimmonsTreasurer: Steve EdwardsSecretary: Doug ParadisLibrarian: John Kuhlenschmidt

Looking Forward to More Robots with DPRG in 2021
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