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Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Wed Dec 15 13:28:40 PST 2021

Hi Rud,

What I can't figure out is that I clearly got the early bird discount (I was #98
in the queue) and I've put in my code and seen the amount I've already paid taken
out of the total but but I'm not seeing a US$79 price on checkout but US$149, which
makes this not so sweet a deal at all. I'll contact Luxonis but I'm guessing they're
pretty busy right now, any idea what's up with that?



On 16/12/21 9:49 am, Rud Merriam via DPRGlist wrote:
> I see via email they are shipping units, including ones originally scheduled for April. When the arrive it should make for some interesting discussions here and in the virtual meeting. Interesting discussion on paying import duties in the 
> email. I've gotten "gifts" from companies in other countries, their decision, to avoid the payment of duties.
> My goal is to mount it on my RVR rover. I've setup a Pi 3 B to mount on the RVR and also got a Pi Zero W 2 (from Adafruit) to try since it is lower power. But the camera probably will need separate power so I got the USB power splitter 
> offered as an add-on to the Kickstarter.
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