[Dprglist] RealSense T265

Karim Virani pondersome64 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 12:52:27 PDT 2021

It seems to work pretty well in a complex environment. the team decided not
to use it because it drifts in environments where there are mostly large
planar surfaces - just not enough detail. examples include modern homes
with spare furnishings, gymnasiums. so i can't say we have extensive
experience with it. we haven't tried it outside either, though we've played
with the companion d345 which works well as an outdoor obstacle avoidance

the main example they advertise is basically a turtlebot with both cameras
working together. we haven't tried that configuration.

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> Depth-sense Camera + IMU with built-in pose and SLAM.
> https://www.intelrealsense.com/tracking-camera-t265/
> https://dev.intelrealsense.com/docs/code-sample
> Pretty cool way to do odometery-like measurements if it works. Anybody
> have any opinions and/or experience with this device?
> thanks,
> dpa
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