[Dprglist] A call to be all judgy-like

Karim Virani pondersome64 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 17:25:43 PDT 2021

DPRGers, once again I thank you for the great feedback y'all have given my
FTC team. Thanks in part to your input, they advanced to the Regional
Championship in late May. But there are many other teams still vying to
advance to the Championship and to that end we are hosting the Townview
Remote Qualifier on April 17th.

That's April 17th, two Saturdays from now. And once again I'm asking y'all
to consider becoming the backbone of the best robotics judging panel in
North Texas.

I recognize it's a tall ask - it's an 8am to 4pm time commitment. And you
need to register on the national website. But it's a great way to support
the next wave of enthusiasts. And you don't need to leave your home. The
entire event is on Zoom.

So please consider volunteering as a judge here:


The robot game intro is here:

My team won't be competing. You'll see a wide range of skill levels and
time investments. The highest performing teams need your skill to sort them
fairly into awards and the lower performing teams need your kind

Thanks for your consideration,

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