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Tue Nov 10 15:23:21 PST 2020

Hello DPRG Folks.
LFS 1.6 is here.

See a very unpolished demo on you tube -- wanted to get it published before vRBNO since screen capture makes it look jumpy.

I dredged up the controller I said I wrote some months ago and plugged it into the new shiny LFS framework.
It runs in just under the allowed 5 minutes robot time, but the entire simulation can run in less than a second in  Time Warp mode on LFS 1.6.This will be great for turning knobs in real time to tweak behavior so maybe I will get my simulation time down.
Even on an old laptop performance was pretty good. I think around 2000-3000 steps per second.
Currently I am running 20 steps per second, but will probably reduce that step time. I guess at 10000 steps per second, that is 500Xreal time. 

When I cranked up proportional gain, it flattened out where the robot does not "track" the invisible gap.

LFS is published on git hub
I am pretty cooked, so maybe you will out do me with your own clever controller program.Also, I included Carl's Mecanum demo, and Left/Right Wheel  Drive demo requested by Karim.

Ron Grant

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