[Dprglist] Level 1 Line-following Contest Course

Eric Yundt eric at facetcorp.com
Sun Aug 19 12:50:15 PDT 2018

Thanks, Ron!

Shipping is not a problem to Costa Rica, but customs and import tax is.
Whenever I fly back to the USA I travel with 2 empty suitcases and fill
them up with coffee makers, curling irons and electronics.  Costa Rica
doesn't have any industry to protect, but uses import taxes as a way to
fatten the wallets of politicians.  Folks down here would pay about double
for a new car as what someone would pay in Dallas... and some things have
much worse worse rates.

I noticed the triple 270º curves on the Roborama 2015a video.  Is there not
normally a start/stop T for the line-following?  The rules mention 2 laps,
but what determines the start/end of a lap?

So is it really true that nobody has built a Robot specifically to conquer
the Challenge Line-following course in 7 years?!?  I know its harder than
it looks, yada-yada-yada... but really, in this day and age?  jajaja...  ;-)

I'd love to see what you are doing in "Processing".  Before Carl mentioned
it I had not even heard about it...



On Sun, Aug 19, 2018 at 10:00 AM, <deltagraph at aol.com> wrote:

> Eric,
> Just in case you, or anyone wants to play with getting course or anything
> printed on banner material in the future.
> The company we use is https://www.stickersbanners.com
> They include FedEx ground shipping in US. Not sure if they have any
> provision for international shipping...
> I think their minimum is about 2'x2' and they size in 1 foot increments.
> Banners are certainly nice for weight and ease of transport / setup, but
> of course more fixed in configuration.
> The cool thing about a course one you get into larger size is you can hit
> most of the relevant combinations of tiles;
> One pattern that Will Kuhnle likes to see 3 consecutive 90 degree arcs
> creating 270 turn, good to prove up if a robot is tracking the line well...
> Ron
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> I'm about to build a line-following course for our Rayo Pinky-Pie robot ...
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