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Just in case you, or anyone wants to play with getting course or anything printed on banner material in the future.

The company we use is https://www.stickersbanners.com
They include FedEx ground shipping in US. Not sure if they have any provision for international shipping...
I think their minimum is about 2'x2' and they size in 1 foot increments.

Banners are certainly nice for weight and ease of transport / setup, but of course more fixed in configuration.
The cool thing about a course one you get into larger size is you can hit most of the relevant combinations of tiles;

One pattern that Will Kuhnle likes to see 3 consecutive 90 degree arcs creating 270 turn, good to prove up if a robot is tracking the line well...





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I'm about to build a line-following course for our Rayo Pinky-Pie robot and figured I might as well build one to DPRG's spec in case we are able to remotely compete in an upcoming Line Following contest.  Referring to what I think are the current rules (version: 20171111) the 3 elements are described nicely on 12"x12" squares, straight lines, curves, double-curve w/6" radius curves, and the length is described as approximately 300 inches.  From reviewing the Roborama 2015a video and a 2015 Line Following Workshop video, it looks like the courses were composed of:

    Roborama 2015a:  4x8 squares - 6 straights, 24 curves (total length ~298")
    2015 Workshop: 6x6 squares - 12 straights, 22 curves (total length ~351")

How is the Novice course decided upon and how many straight, curve, and double-curve elements should we make to be able to replicate whatever course is laid down for Roborama 2018b?  Is the Novice course always on 4x8 squares?  We can build a course out of 122cm x 244cm plywood, or 30cm x 30cm ceramic tile -- I've never seen the vinyl squares you have been using anywhere in Costa Rica.  I'd probably go with 6mm plywood which is sold in 122cm x 244cm sheets to match up with the standard 4' x 8' USA plywood and use black 19mm PVC electrical tape.

As far as competition is concerned, are remote competitors still allowed?  I recall back in some early Roboramas we did allow long-distance competitors to compete, but that was 20 years ago.  We're going to do this anyway, but I think our kids (and maybe fledgling Robot Club) would get a kick out of building for a real competition in los EE.UU.

What do you think?  Can I get some official guidance on this?



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