[Dprglist] Rayo Pinky-Pie 7.0

Eric Yundt eric at facetcorp.com
Wed Aug 1 08:31:31 PDT 2018


My virtual world is now a spartan 32 KB Flash, 2 KB SRAM, and a precious 1
KB EEPROM.  I always loved EEPROM.  So 33 KB of non-volatile memory I can
write to 100,000 times or so, and 2 KB for all of our thoughts.  The last
time I lived in such a world was with my 1st true love, the MC68HC11 --
which as I recall had 0 Flash, 1 KB RAM, and 1/2 KB EEPROM.  That little
Bot Brain was lovingly wire-wrapped one pin at a time with rest periods
when fingers hurt too much to continue.  It might have taken a couple of
weeks before I had some sign of life AFTER I had already spent weeks of
study and careful planning to get to that point.  Last night after waiting
a couple of hours in the rain for a bus delayed by some sort of problem on
a winding mountain road, I finally got my next new Bot Brain -- the Arduino
UNO with an ATmega328.  It took all of about 5 minutes for me to hook up a
USB cable, upload a blinky program to the Arduino and we were alive!  ;-)

All told it really wasn't too hard to get my Robot parts up to my little
town off the beaten path on the side of a volcano in Costa Rica.  I ordered
$272.81 USD worth of motors, batteries, sensors, and Arduino from
RobotShop.com (3 kilos worth,) paid $33.55 to repack and ship from Miami to
Costa Rica, and then $50.40 for import tax, customs broker, etc.  I'm not
complaining about paying a 30% premium for hanging out down here -- it
could have been much worse!  Import tax for car parts is usually 42%+ (and
they weigh a hellova lot more!)

Anyway, all 46 items we ordered seemed to arrive in good shape and we are
now officially back in Robot building business!  Our LiPo's are all charged
now and over the upcoming weeks we'll be adding capabilities and teaching
the little fellow (AND our little human fellows) skills.  Say hello to Rayo
Pinky-Pie 7.0...

¡Hurra!  ¡Él está vivo!

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