[Dprglist] Last ever 1st Saturday Sidewalk Sale coming up June 3

Steve Rainwater steevithak at gmail.com
Thu May 25 13:50:56 PDT 2017

Other DPRG old-timers probably have fond memories of browsing Ham radio
gear, computer parts, and electronic surplus at the Dallas First Saturday
Sale back in the 80s when it was located at Ross Ave. Since then it's been
located under Woodall Rogers and has rebranded itself as the "West End
Night Market". In 2006, the DPRG got a booth there for one sale and
unloaded a lot of our own surplus gear. I got an email from them today
saying they're shutting it down for good and the last ever sidewalk sale is
the one coming up on June 3. The full text of their email is below.


On Thu, 2017-05-25 at 10:29 -0700, West End Night Market wrote:
> With regrets, the Sidewalk Sale on First Saturday final event will be
> June 3, 2017. What began as a monthly informal parking lot gathering
> for technical people to buy, sell, and trade ham radio and electronic
> gear in 1972 will cease operations. The internet has changed the way
> technical people shop for products and the Sidewalk Sale is the last
> monthly electronic swap meet in the US to cease operations. For over
> a year, we tried unsuccessfully to help someone else take over
> operations and no viable operators have come forth. So now, it is
> time to move on.
> It has been FUN! A lot of work, but, jiving with the vendors and
> shoppers has been the best part of it. You will be missed.
> We will cooperate fully if some venturesome person wants to continue
> operations - time is of the essence, though, and immediate action is
> required. If you have questions regarding acquisition of operations
> or assets, please send an email to info at sidewalksale.com.  Otherwise,
> we plan to sell the remaining equipment, tables and electrical cords
> at the June 3 event.
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