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Hey Doug,

Glad to see we're getting some shirts printed up.  Here are my thoughts.

I'm not a fan of the pocketed tee, I would prefer a regular tee.
If we're making the effort to get some new tees, I think we should do a 
new design too.  Maybe even get a quote for a professional design 
instead of a member volunteer design.
Why are we considering paying for a one time delivery?
We should order enough on the first batch to stock multiple sizes for a 
couple years.


On 12/29/2017 09:49 AM, Doug Paradis wrote:
> -All,
>      Please respond.
> Regards,
> Doug P.
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> -All,
> Christmas has passed, and all the guests have gone home, so it is time 
> to get back to business. Below is a proposal that was discussed by 
> board members prior to Christmas. We need to decide on whether we are 
> going to do this as soon as possible. I ask that you send me your vote 
> aye or nay on the proposal. If the vote is aye, I will announce the 
> tee-shirt proposal via message to the list (and a possible website 
> post). I will also need the funds before I can make the order. The 
> order would be made after the January DPRG monthly meeting and 2018 
> officer election.
> Regards,
> Doug P.
> Proposal:
> -------------
> Dallas Personal Robotics Group, DPRG, has not had club tee-shirts 
> available for distribution to members in over 3 years.
> It is proposed that the club have tee-shirts made similar to the last 
> design used by the club, and distribute the tee-shirts free of charge 
> to all members in good standing as of January 13th, 2018, who also 
> vote in the officers election. Members who cannot attend regular club 
> meetings (i.e., live outside of Dallas area, have health issues, 
> special cases) will have the shirt mailed to them. Postage will be 
> paid by the DPRG. Mailings will be limited to locations in the United 
> States or Canada. Estimated mailing costs would be ~$8 per shirt. The 
> conditions for participation in the tee-shirt distribution are:
> 1. The member must be a member in good standing of DPRG on January 
> 13th, 2018.
> 2. Must have voted in the 2018 DPRG officer election.
> 3. Must provide DPRG with a tee-shirt size and a shipping address.
> Tee-shirt Description:
> ----------------------------
> The tee-shirt is ash colored, and has a pocket on the front left side. 
> Above the pocket is a small "Robie" robot with the text "Dallas 
> Personal Robotics Group" surrounded by a box. The color of the front 
> design is black. The back of the shirt has a large DPRG logo 
> consisting of two colors black and blue. The blue used in the logo 
> will be a darker blue than the standard logo, similar to the color 
> used on the last club tee-shirt design. Attempts will be made to make 
> the new batch of tee-shirt similar to the previous tee-shirts, 
> including shirt material and manufacturer.  The tee-shirt layout is 
> the 2008 Ron Grant design seen at 
> https://www.dprg.org/tee-shirts-of-the-past-and-present/ 
> <https://www.dprg.org/tee-shirts-of-the-past-and-present/> .
> Cost:
> -------
> The cost of a minimum run of 24 tee-shirts is ~$380. This includes a 
> $105 initial setup cost. Each additional tee-shirt costs between 
> $11.50 and $14.50 depending on size if made in this run.
> If the tee-shirts are made without pockets, the cost of a minimum run 
> is ~$340 (including setup) and additional shirts are about $2 cheaper.
> Not a Yearly event:
> -------------------------
> This proposed tee-shirt distribution is a one time event and will not 
> occur in the future.
> Future Tee-shirt Fulfillment:
> ------------------------------------
> To allow members to obtain tee-shirts in the future, an online service 
> such as https://www.printful.com/ <https://www.printful.com/> will be 
> used. The service will be setup on the dprg.org 
> <https://dprg.org/> website. These shirts will not be exactly the same 
> as the tee-shirt described above, but will carry the same front and 
> back designs. They will not have front pockets. Member will be 
> responsible for cost and shipping of the tee-shirt.
> Future batch runs of tee-shirts may occur if the club members so 
> desire, but not at club expense.
> Future Shirt Designs and Style Variations:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Some members have expressed interest in different club shirt styles. A 
> group buy of a polo shirt club variation is being investigated. 
> Currently, the investigation has found an option for a minimum buy 
> quantity is 6 shirts at a cost of ~$22 to $25. This is a matter for 
> future discussion by the club.
> ---- end of proposal ------

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