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    Christmas has passed, and all the guests have gone home, so it is time
to get back to business. Below is a proposal that was discussed by board
members prior to Christmas. We need to decide on whether we are going to do
this as soon as possible. I ask that you send me your vote aye or nay on
the proposal. If the vote is aye, I will announce the tee-shirt proposal
via message to the list (and a possible website post). I will also need the
funds before I can make the order. The order would be made after the
January DPRG monthly meeting and 2018 officer election.


Doug P.


Dallas Personal Robotics Group, DPRG, has not had club tee-shirts available
for distribution to members in over 3 years.

It is proposed that the club have tee-shirts made similar to the last
design used by the club, and distribute the tee-shirts free of charge to
all members in good standing as of January 13th, 2018, who also vote in the
officers election. Members who cannot attend regular club meetings (i.e.,
live outside of Dallas area, have health issues, special cases) will have
the shirt mailed to them. Postage will be paid by the DPRG. Mailings will
be limited to locations in the United States or Canada. Estimated mailing
costs would be ~$8 per shirt. The conditions for participation in the
tee-shirt distribution are:

1. The member must be a member in good standing of DPRG on January 13th,

2. Must have voted in the 2018 DPRG officer election.

3. Must provide DPRG with a tee-shirt size and a shipping address.

Tee-shirt Description:

The tee-shirt is ash colored, and has a pocket on the front left side.
Above the pocket is a small "Robie" robot with the text "Dallas Personal
Robotics Group" surrounded by a box. The color of the front design is
black. The back of the shirt has a large DPRG logo consisting of two colors
black and blue. The blue used in the logo will be a darker blue than the
standard logo, similar to the color used on the last club tee-shirt design.
Attempts will be made to make the new batch of tee-shirt similar to the
previous tee-shirts, including shirt material and manufacturer.  The
tee-shirt layout is the 2008 Ron Grant design seen at
https://www.dprg.org/tee-shirts-of-the-past-and-present/ .


The cost of a minimum run of 24 tee-shirts is ~$380. This includes a $105
initial setup cost. Each additional tee-shirt costs between $11.50 and
$14.50 depending on size if made in this run.

If the tee-shirts are made without pockets, the cost of a minimum run is
~$340 (including setup) and additional shirts are about $2 cheaper.

Not a Yearly event:

This proposed tee-shirt distribution is a one time event and will not occur
in the future.

Future Tee-shirt Fulfillment:

To allow members to obtain tee-shirts in the future, an online service such
as https://www.printful.com/ <https://www.printful.com/> will be used. The
service will be setup on the dprg.org website. These shirts will not be
exactly the same as the tee-shirt described above, but will carry the same
front and back designs. They will not have front pockets. Member will be
responsible for cost and shipping of the tee-shirt.

Future batch runs of tee-shirts may occur if the club members so desire,
but not at club expense.

Future Shirt Designs and Style Variations:

Some members have expressed interest in different club shirt styles. A
group buy of a polo shirt club variation is being investigated. Currently,
the investigation has found an option for a minimum buy quantity is 6
shirts at a cost of ~$22 to $25. This is a matter for future discussion by
the club.

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