[Dprglist] DPRG meeting Saturday 9th at Noon in the DMS

Ron Grant deltagraph at aol.com
Sat Dec 9 03:41:51 PST 2017

Doug / All,
Looking forward to the meeting.

I assume Carl Orr is possibly related to Carl Ott - the master of challenge course pretend (simulated) line following who has addressed the club on a number of occasions.

I have been working hard at random times to create both pretend and real line follower to give Carl some competition in upcoming contest(s). I must admit the pretend stuff is pretty addictive. My line follower both pretend and real is using simple analysis of 3 scanlines in images acquired by PI Video camera on real robot and by OpenGL camera on the fake one. Much less sophisticated approach than Carl's, but results are looking promising - I will bring a show and tell...

Ron Grant  

PS A plea to someone for a gift some Popsicle sticks so I can see if my real robot, which is kind of dainty, can handle driving over them without having to drag out the course.




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     DPRG has a monthly meeting this Saturday, the 9th, at Noon in the Dallas Maker Space. 

1. Discussion on the upcoming officer election. 
2. Show and Tell of some tee shirt samples
3. Carl Orr will give a short presentation on the new tinyLIDAR sensor made by MicroElectronicDesign   
4.  Show and tell of new projects by members.

Doug P. 

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