[Dprglist] fooling AI

David Anderson davida at smu.edu
Thu Apr 20 10:13:48 PDT 2017


"Stay out of the ditch. Don't hit anything."

words to live by...


On 04/19/2017 09:47 PM, John Swindle wrote:
> Dave,
> The Q&A at the AT&T/IBM Watson hackathon presentation at DPRG a couple 
> months ago showed that the weights in the neural nets have no meaning 
> to people. So, though we think we can grade an AI system, we cannot 
> diagnose it. We can only correct it when it malfunctions. We think 
> that a low rate of false passes and false fails means success. But 
> when we try to diagnose why there were false fails and false passes, 
> we have no clue because the neural net weights have no meaning. We can 
> "fix" the problem by massaging the weights, but we have no freaking 
> clue about what those change have on other results. Indeed, we are not 
> even supposed to know!
> Over lunch at a place where they do this sort of thing, my student 
> said, "but people make mistakes, too." It's a very cogent argument, 
> and it stopped me then.
> But now I have a story, and it is the story. A purpose-written program 
> (non-AI) has a rationale, a story. If it fails, we understand WHY it 
> fails, because the story was wrong. We understand it. We re-write it.
> Does our story give a better result than the opaque weights of a 
> neural net? I don't think so. But I think we can more easily control 
> and CORRECT a story that we understand, as opposed to random weights 
> that just happened to deconvolve a problem that day.
> Separately,
> I have a completely different proposal from what any of the car 
> companies are doing:
> Instead of special-casing hundreds of thousands of traffic conditions, 
> I propose self-driving cars that:
> Drive like India, Mexico, and Rome, and dirt farms in Arkansas where I 
> grew up:
> 1) Stay out of the ditches
> and
> 2) Don't hit anything.
> If a lane is available that will not cause the vehicle to become stuck 
> and does not ruin a neighbor's lawn, drive on. Otherwise, stop.
> That's what I was taught. The rest is law and courtesy, which I was 
> also taught. But for a vehicle, the rules could be dirt simple.
> Stay out of the ditch. Don't hit anything.
> Best to y'all.
> John Swindle
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