[Dprglist] Remember to Register :) The 22nd Annual Roborama is coming up quickly!

DPRG Competitions competitions at dprg.org
Tue Apr 18 19:50:41 PDT 2017


With printable flyer attached - feel free to redistribute.



Do you like 

*         Self-Driving Robots?

*         Robots that wrestle?

*         Robots that pick things up and move 'em around?


Wanna put your robot to the test for a chance to win great prizes?


Then come-on out to the 22nd annual RoboRama competition held by the Dallas
Personal Robotics Group (DPRG) <https://www.dprg.org/> .  We'd love to have
you participate, or even just observe and cheer on your favorite team & bot!


If you've never attended before, then come prepared for a great time.
Everybody enjoys the show, whether the robots nail the challenges & soak up
prizes, or whether they 'get a mind of their own' and 'flail about' in new
and exciting ways.



*         Open to the public

*         Students through Life-Long Learners are welcome



*         13 May, 2017, from 10am to approximately 4pm.



The Dallas Maker Space

1825 Monetary Lane
Suite 104
Carrollton, TX 75006 (Map
en> ).



*         It's fun

*         Show your inner geek

*         Hang out with a great gang

*         Be amazed (and amused) by technical wizardry

*         Prizes


What Competitions?

*         Plastic Fasteners-only Sumo  (students only)

*         Line Following (both Beginning and Advanced with student and
adult divisions)

*         Big Table Top 2 (open to anyone)

*         Can-Can Soccer (open to anyone)


What are the rules?

*         Click Here for competition details and rules


How do I register?

*       Click Here - Sign Me Up!


Tell Me More!

*         Click Here for Schedule of Events and other details


Can I meet with DPRG before the competition?

*         Absolutely!  

*         Simply swing by "Robot Builders Night Out" any Tuesday night
between about 7pm and 10pm, in the "Interactive Classroom" at the Dallas

*         We'd love to see you!


Help - I have questions.

*         No problem.

*         Send a note to Carl, Doug or Steve at competitions at dprg.org
<mailto:competitions at dprg.org> .  

*         We'll get back with you as soon as we can.   



Looking Forward to See You at RoboRama 2017!









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