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Everyone is invited!!!


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As many of you will be aware, the Dallas office traditionally does a Fourth of July lunch event that is open to EVERYONE : Employees, Clients, Families, Friends, People you just met at the supermarket.  Everyone.

I’m pleased to announce that this year is no exception, and here is the invite for you to send to everyone you know.  Please encourage everyone to register, it is the only way we know how much food to make.

[cid:image001.png at 01D99790.CD7B3970]

The QR Code goes to this link, if you want to include that: https://forms.office.com/r/AUWEkGViYN

What is on the menu?

Go glad you asked!  As usual the Improving BBQ team has put together a menu friendly to everyone, from Carnivore to Vegan:

  *   Main Courses
     *   Mexican Pulled Pork (savory not sweet in the fashion of Meat Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkenVuBMW5o)
     *   Texas Style Brisket
     *   Smoked Chicken Drumsticks
     *   Pork Belly Brisket
     *   Vegan Mushroom Chili (our ever popular Vegan main course)
  *   Sides
     *   Olive Oil Confit Potatoes (Vegan)
     *   Salad (Vegan)
     *   Smoked Sweet Potatoes (Vegan)
     *   Hawaiian Macaroni Salad (Vegetarian)
  *   Special Meats (Limited Quantity, Ask if you’re interested)
     *   Candied Bacon
     *   Beef Tenderloin
     *   Confit Venison & Potatoes (Beef Tallow on these potatoes, different than the above)
     *   Smoked Salmon

As always, all of this food is being prepared by the Improving BBQ team not purchased from a restaurant.  This is all homemade and does not disappoint.
Tim Rayburn
Vice President of Consulting | Improving | tim.rayburn at improving.com<mailto:tim.rayburn at improving.com> | 817-760-0002

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