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Hello DPRG folks,

Will Kuhnle, our most senior member passed away last nightWill had a tough year this year, never the less remained sharp an engaged in his interests as much as his health would permit. 

Even while in hospital rehab this year he learned enough about Unity Game engine to create a model of his cow walking machine. Maybe with some luck I will be able to employ some of the knowledge he imparted to me on the subject of animal locomotion and dynamics to make this model walk.

Will was a native Texas, born June 23, 1932. He earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at Texas A&M and later his Masters degree  in mechanical engineering from SMU (circa 1990). Will worked at TI for many years and was very involved in  photogrammetry during that time. Will enjoyed RC airplane building and in later years robot building starting in early 2000's.
Will was a very good friend and mentor to me and others. He helped me solve many engineering problems over the years in particular mechanical engineering related problems and he did his best to impart some control systems knowledge which he learned in later years.
Of course Will presented many interesting robots over the years and gave a number of very informative presentations to DPRG.I will miss him very much.
No formal memorial service is planned for Will, but maybe in the coming weeks we can spend some time remembering him.
Ron Grant

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