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Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Tue Feb 1 13:50:20 PST 2022

Hi Jesse,

I just got mine in the post yesterday, so almost no time yet using it.

I got the fixed focus one as I understood that autofocus would have
trouble on a mobile (e.g., robotic) platform, so I can't comment on that.

It doesn't run at all (or runs with errors, to be clear) when not
powered using the Y-adapter. With the Y-adapter I'm not having any
particular issues, having installed and just run the demo program. I've
not had any time to do more than that so far. But with the peak current
according to the specs at 1.2A I'm now thinking that if I'm going to run
it on a robot I'll likely use that Y-adapter and provide it with its own
battery/power regulator, so that it's not running down the robot's main
battery. It runs pretty warm, and therefore uses a lot of juice.

I don't think it's a particularly useful device without that Y-adapter.
USB-C is required just to run it (there's not enough power available on
earlier USB versions), and while USB-C can handle quiescent usage, when
it cranks up to 1.2A that's asking a lot of USB-C. But running it on the
Pi's USB-C port (for example) would just seem to be asking for trouble.



On 2/02/22 10:12, jesse brockmann via DPRGlist wrote:
> So, how is everyone getting along with theirs?  I've got mine up and running, and I'm using a YoloV4-lite network, and it's working well.  I've just got a couple issues, and wonder if anyone else has seen them?
> Direct power from USB is a little unstable.  I get random dropouts and have to restart the python program. It goes away with the power/data splitter, <https://shop.luxonis.com/products/y-adapter-1> but I really need more of those.  The item 
> is $9.99, but shipping is $42?  Only have one, and really need more.  Any suggestions on alternatives?
> Autofocus is bad. I don't like the autofocus unit at all (got for free), I could just disable the autofocus.  Is that possible?  I'm guessing not.  For now I'll stick to the fixed focus units.
> Here is my rover, Scout.
> PXL_20220130_232452692.jpg
> JesseJay
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