[Dprglist] Raspberry Pi 4 Passive Case Stress Test Temperature Curve

Doug Paradis paradug at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 09:37:45 PST 2022

   Last night at RBNV I showed a stress test temperature curve for my
older, cheaper passive case. The curve presented for the case showed the
temperature reaching up to the edge of throttling. The push back from the
group (especially John) made me review the case again. I took it apart and
adjusted the thermal pads that transfer the heat to the Al case and made
sure the screws were tight. I then re-ran the stress test. The results were
much better. Not as good as the more expensive case with the additional
switch, but good enough that if money is a concern, this case would be an
acceptable choice.

I am adding an edit to the RBNV video showing the new results. I have
included the new curve below:
[image: passive_case_fixed.png]


Doug P.
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