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If you have CAN or USB on your controller, you might want to look into this
designed for robotics:


Axial has a great reputation but I don't have experience with this
platform. Sounds like it has lots of goodies. Does it have rear steering

I'm a little skeptical of the video on the site - that's a "best of" and I
prefer seeing 3rd party reviews with failure points. Here's lengthy
comparison with the successor product:

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> Carl,
>   VESC motor controllers will output distance/revolutions.   I don't have
> experience with it but I saw details on it over on the MIT Racecar page.
> Jesse
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>> Anybody have experience with the Axial SCX10 II chassis?
>> http://www.axialracing.com/products/axi90104
>> Seems to be meant for scale / realistic 1/10 vehicles - but looks like it
>> could be very well suited as a base for outdoor robot rovers.  It's kind of
>> pricey, but - looks well made and durable with lots of metal in the
>> construction (hardened steel axles, metal gearing in transmission, aluminum
>> suspension elements, steel in parts of the frame), plus it even has a
>> high/low gearing option in the transmission - lets you change gears via
>> servo..
>> Axial also offers lots of cool looking bodies built on that chassis - my
>> imagination is running wild with robotic kit-bashing one of these trucks
>> http://www.axialracing.com/t/vehicles/scx10?page=1
>> Also - I've heard about sensored brushless motors and ESC, e.g. from
>> Castle Creations (Thanks Jesse B from your recent presentation to DPRG!).
>> For example, this "sensored brushless motor and ESC" combo apparently has
>> such ability
>> https://www.castlecreations.com/en/rock-crawler/copperhead-10-sensored-esc-crawler-edition-w-1406-2280kv-sensored-motor-010-0166-06
>> But it seems like the brushless motor sensors are mostly used at startup
>> and low motor speeds. And in that Castle Creations example, it only appears
>> to provide RPM measurements after a run - seems you have to download from a
>> data logger built into the ESC.  By any chance, has anybody seen (1/10
>> sized) options like this, but which can output motor RPM sensor data
>> real-time, e.g. via I2C, SPI or UART?
>> Thanks!
>> Carl
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