[Dprglist] Outdoor rover options - chassis / motor / ESC...

Carl Ott carl.ott.jr at gmail.com
Sun May 2 08:59:45 PDT 2021

Anybody have experience with the Axial SCX10 II chassis?

Seems to be meant for scale / realistic 1/10 vehicles - but looks like it
could be very well suited as a base for outdoor robot rovers.  It's kind of
pricey, but - looks well made and durable with lots of metal in the
construction (hardened steel axles, metal gearing in transmission, aluminum
suspension elements, steel in parts of the frame), plus it even has a
high/low gearing option in the transmission - lets you change gears via
Axial also offers lots of cool looking bodies built on that chassis - my
imagination is running wild with robotic kit-bashing one of these trucks

Also - I've heard about sensored brushless motors and ESC, e.g. from Castle
Creations (Thanks Jesse B from your recent presentation to DPRG!). For
example, this "sensored brushless motor and ESC" combo apparently has such

But it seems like the brushless motor sensors are mostly used at startup
and low motor speeds. And in that Castle Creations example, it only appears
to provide RPM measurements after a run - seems you have to download from a
data logger built into the ESC.  By any chance, has anybody seen (1/10
sized) options like this, but which can output motor RPM sensor data
real-time, e.g. via I2C, SPI or UART?

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