[Dprglist] Question on ballistic behaviours

Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Fri Jun 25 03:26:38 PDT 2021


I'm at the point where I've got the basic message event loop up and running
such that sensors and other even sources can fire messages onto the message
bus, and various subscribers can listen for specific events and act upon
them. E.g., the MotorSubscriber is interested in motor-related events. I'm
now starting to implement the ActionSubscriber, where I've got a "roam"
action that looks for an event-idle situation and directs the robot to
begin roaming around. As an exercise I'm planning to implement this as a
sample ballistic behaviour.

So I'm now beginning to implement the groundwork for the ballistic
behaviours, figuring there'll eventually be a few of them, so I'll have
a BehaviourManager class (jokes welcome) that makes sure only one ballistic
behaviour is running at a time - they'll be prioritised so that a lower
priority ballistic behaviour can't override a higher priority one.

Does this make sense? I.e., does it make sense to permit more than one
ballistic behaviour to be executing at the same time, or should there by,
by definition, only one?

I'm asking this to help me think through what the right design might look

The code in question is the KROS-Core library I posted a link to the other


[Anyone can download and install this even on a laptop (no robot required),
running the pub_sub_test.py.]

Thanks for any help,


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