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Hi David

I found the email I had sent you and modified it for the DPRG mailing list.

I tried sending it via the DPRG list, but it didn’t seem to go out.

So I’d appreciate it if you would send it out to the DPRG mailing list.



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Hi All

My “Robot Chassis Dynamometer” is what I tried to show at the 9/24/2020 
VRBNO meeting, but I’m not sure whether it ever showed up when I was 
discussing it or that people followed my description.

Just in case it didn’t show up I’ve attached a picture of the bare 
“Robot Chassis Dynamometer” and a picture of my “Build-More-Robots” 
robot sitting on it that I’m going to try tuning the PID on.

I really like the size, cost, and characteristics of the 
“Build-More-Robots” robot, so I have several different versions of it.

I decided that what I really wanted was a way of running this robot in 
place while analyzing and tuning up its  PID.

So I came up with the idea of building a “Robot Chassis Dynamometer” 
where load/inertia on the robot’s wheels is a reasonable approximation 
to what the robot would see if it was actually running around “In-The-Wild”.

In theory, the inertia that a robot’s wheels see is roughly the robot’s 
mass (Mr) times its wheel radius (Rr) squared

(i.e.~ Mr*Rr**2).

So I built a “Robot Chassis Dynamometer” with two flywheels that the 
robot’s two wheels drive that try to approximate the effect of the 
robot’s inertia.

The inertia of a solid flywheel is */one half/* its mass (Mrcd) times 
its radius (Rrcd) squared

(i.e. ½ Mrcd * Rrcd **2).

So I got a chunk of metal with a suitable mass and radius such that its 
inertia approximates my robot’s mass and wheel radius to build the 
“Robot Chassis Dynamometer” shown in the attached pictures.



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