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That seems like a pretty good price knowing how much setup goes into these
things. Does that include the cost of the material? That's a pretty thick
plate for the overall size of your robot. The domain name makes it sound
like you send them your material first.


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> -All,
>      I just got an email from Online Metals (onlinemetals.com), a vendor
> I have used to source metal from in the past, that advertised a metal laser
> cutting service from SendCutSend (sendcutsend.com). You can get an
> instant quote for metal laser cutting. I used the robot base plate that I
> am currently working on as a test file. It is approximately 8.5x6.75
> inches, with a lot of holes in it. I specified 6061 Aluminum 1/4 inch
> thick. The cost was $74.56 for one and $119.34 for two. You get a 20%
> discount for making 2. The discount slowly goes up to 30% for a hundred. So
> making 2 is the sweet spot. Shipping is free.  Minimum order size is $29.
> They allow up to 3 bends in the metal for an additional $29. Even if you
> are not interested in the laser cutting service, you may be interested in
> the bend calculator at https://sendcutsend.com/bending-calculator/.
> This service is something I might explore in the future. It sounds
> reasonably priced. I think it would be great for items like simple
> geometries like pan and tilt mechanisms or special pieces like curved
> bumpers or things like sensor brackets.  I suspect that the cost is based
> on size of part, material,  and the length of cut.
> My biggest concern would be the learning curve of the "gotcha"'s when
> designing the part. For example, I would hate to spend $80 for a part that
> didn't come out right because I did something wrong in the design. They
> have tutorials, but... They should have a file pre-screener that sends you
> a PNG of what you could expect from your file, like the banner company we
> use to make LF courses. If I pursue, I plan to start simple and hopefully
> cheaper, to gain the necessary knowledge.
> Regards,
> Doug P.
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