[Dprglist] New Raspberry Pi RP2040 boards

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RP2040 has a single 500kS/sec 12-bit ADC with a zero-settling-delay* input mux and dedicated FIFO. That's something that the cheap alternatives haven't had. Or at least I thought I had searched for that option in 2019 and had not found anything. I didn't keep my notes.
I care about this stuff because I'd like the audio localizer to be smaller, cheaper, etc. 12 bits is nowhere near enough for what I want to do, but it's great to see it built into the processor chip at $4 on a board. TI had similar offerings but with significantly greater features at considerably higher prices like $9 to $30.
If the highest measured frequency is low enough and the latency is acceptable, then the hardware FIFO can assist with oversampling. With CPU overhead, more oversampling can be done. But, unfortunately, to get to 16 bits of resolution, the highest measured frequency would only be about 1kHz (half of 500kS/s / (2^4)^2).
Impressed that the little CPU has a 600 page datasheet. Makes sense considering all the stuff in it.

*I think they can say this because all conversions take the same amount of time and some conversions fail due to lack of time, so I think there actually is settling delay, but it's built into the latency.

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> I now see there is an Arduino board using that chip and possibly
> support for the original using Arduino IDE.
FYI, the new board will be called the "Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect", a Nano
form factor, 16MB of flash memory, a 9-axis IMU and some sensors, with an
announcement by Massimo Banzi of Arduino at:


As regards using the Arduino IDE, quoting Mr. Banzi:

  "We are going to port the Arduino core to this new architecture in
    order to enable everyone to use the RP2040 chip with the Arduino
    ecosystem (IDE, command line tool, and thousands of libraries)."



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