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Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Sat Jan 16 11:36:46 PST 2021

My guess on Centos is that your installed version is not up to date enough
to have the necessary library dependencies, and RPM's dependency management
isn't IMO as good as Debian's so it doesn't know how to resolve the issue.
YMMV. I seem to remember from work (where we use Centos) that one is
somewhat forced to either use an older version like Centos 7 that works or
a newer version that doesn't quite.

Not that I want it on my machine but I did manage to install Microsoft
Teams (apparently the "Preview" version is what I downloaded) via the Debian
package for Ubuntu using the link I'd provided here. I know in 2021 it's
pointless to harp about privacy and tracking and how with free software
we are the product, but upon opening Teams I'm once again forced to either
log in or create a Microsoft account.

As I don't want to be tracked by Microsoft by creating a new account (it's
bad enough I've been forced by circumstance to create a Google account) I
have now uninstalled Teams.



On 17/01/21 8:18 am, David Anderson via DPRGlist wrote:
> Yeah, I did the same thing for the rpm packages, as I running CentOS. Installation sez it has a bunch of unresolved dependencies, which I suppose I could resolve with some effort. Not really willing to go to that much trouble for a one-off.
> Good luck Donna.
> dpa
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