[Dprglist] Creating a line following course with tape on wood floor - safe for the floor?

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If you're not willing to sacrifice your pretty wood floors to the needs of
our future overlords, maybe you've got a priority inversion, said the mad

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> On 16/01/21 9:10 am, Patrick R. Michaud via DPRGlist wrote:
> > [...] So to echo Karim, I always use gaffers tape in these floor-taping
> > situations, but it's not a perfect solution.  I'd be reluctant to tape
> > my hardwood floor directly, but I also have other options (foam tiles
> > etc) that I can use to create a robot playing surface.
> An expensive fix to a damaged wood floor due to tape seems like an
> avoidable situation.
> On the subject of foam tiles, I just checked our local hardware store and
> they sell black, interlocking 24" square foam tiles for about NZ$9/US$6
> per square meter. It looks like KMart sells a four-pack of them in four
> colors for $12, a four pack of the black ones for $11. You pay extra for
> color.
> In the US, where everything is more available, I checked foamtiles.com
> (flooring geeks!) in Meza, AZ, and they sell tiles with rubber tops,
> carpet tops, wood patterns, and martial arts mats (e.g., 2x2' US$7.56,
> 3'x3' US17 per tile). Male or female beveled edge, beveled corners, lots
> of options. It looks like the low end of their line of interlocking tiles
> runs about US$1.20/sq. ft, e./g.
>    https://www.foamtiles.com/interlocking-tile/foam/12-eco-soft-tile.html
> They're don't ship outside of the US so I'd have to find a different
> supplier, but it seems these foam tiles are not hard to source.
> So maybe the easiest solution is to use these interlocking foam tiles.
> They'd provide good traction and could be taken apart and stored when not
> in use. White tape on black tile would do fine. Or black tape on pink. It
> would even be possible to print out the DPRG line following course, spray
> glue it to a set of tiles, then laboriously cut the zig zags with an xacto
> knife. But I'm not suggesting anyone tackle that -- it seems a particular
> sort of torture. But there's a solution to that too, though I have no idea
> what it'd cost: custom mats from SoftTiles.com:
>    https://softtiles.com/pages/corporate-projects
> https://i.shgcdn.com/23d74f3e-4e97-4830-a95a-c01c83aefcc6/-/format/auto/-/preview/3000x3000/-/quality/lighter/
> [Legal Notice: I hold no fiduciary interest in foamtiles.com or any other
> foam tile wholesale or retail establishment.]
> I might see if they sell these at the local KMart here in NZ. Two four
> packs would be the size of a sheet of plywood and cost about $22.
> Nice solution.
> Cheers,
> Murray
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