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Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Tue Dec 14 12:11:47 PST 2021

Hi Pat,

Oh my. The sonars alone are worth considerably more. It seems shipping has become the
deal killer on a lot of things. As the USPS no longer ships to New Zealand (!) any
order from Adafruit goes through DHL so my minimum cost becomes NZ$64, even before I
begin ordering any parts. Orders from ServoCity or goBILDA are NZ$127 shipping,
minimum.  I was thinking of buying a baglama saz (a musical instrument) from Turkey,
where they advertise "free shipping" but that apparently wouldn't be the case to New
Zealand, so the shipping charges would be almost as much as the saz.

So the new norm (maybe in New Zealand and Canada) is not so nice.



On 15/12/21 5:31 am, Pat Caron via DPRGlist wrote:
> I found this posted on the PARTS list.  (Portland Robotics)
> Might be of interest to some.  It would be too expensive to ship to Canada.
> ...Pat C.
> This popped up on my work's Slack. 6 for (currently) $25 seems a steal. Though my coworkers don't seem to have a high opinion of these platforms, FWIW. Also, you'd have shipping :p
> Still, thought someone would enjoy looking at it.
> https://www.govplanet.com/for-sale/Utility-Vehicles-%286%29-ActiveMedia-Robotics-P3-AT-Skid-Steer-Robots-Nevada/5728202?h=5000%2Csm%7C0%2Cpstart%7C120%2Cmf%7C1 
> <https://www.govplanet.com/for-sale/Utility-Vehicles-%286%29-ActiveMedia-Robotics-P3-AT-Skid-Steer-Robots-Nevada/5728202?h=5000%2Csm%7C0%2Cpstart%7C120%2Cmf%7C1>

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