[Dprglist] Personal Robotics on Discord

John Gauthier zizumara at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 24 16:50:05 PDT 2021

Thanks.  I already posted in #help-software.  I'm looking forward to 
exchanging ideas with people having similar interests.

John G.

On 4/24/2021 5:28 PM, Murray Altheim via DPRGlist wrote:
> Hi,
> For the past several weeks I've been chatting with people on Discord,
> an online chat community. I joined because Seon Rozenblum had set up
> a channel to discuss his TinyPICO and FeatherS2 ESP32 boards, and I
> ended up joining the Python and Raspberry Pi channels as well. It's
> as with any chat board sometimes a bit noisy (though you can mute
> individual channels), but I've also received help as well as provided
> some too. Discord was originally created for the gaming community,
> but it's expanded well beyond that.
> Yesterday I searched around and was somewhat surprised that I couldn't
> find anything related to Personal Robotics, just some of the commercial
> companies' competition servers.  Since it costs nothing to create a
> server I went ahead and did:
>  Personal Robotics
>  https://discord.gg/aQu9YYQy
> The above link is good for 7 days; after that just email me and I'll
> send you an invite.
> I've set up channels for hardware, software, programming, help, etc.
> Please feel free to join, and to pass along the link to others,
> particularly other robot groups, the more the merrier!
> You can open Discord in a web browser (at https://discord.com/) but
> there are Discord apps for all major operating systems as well as for
> iPhones and Android.
> And of course, if you have any suggestions they are always welcome.
> Cheers,
> Murray
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