[Dprglist] 21 April: PCB / PWB Design For Manufacturing - Online Meetup This Week

Carl Ott carl.ott.jr at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 07:26:23 PDT 2021

We've recently discussed prototype circuit board design at DPRG builders
night virtual.
Specifically, we talked about design considerations like selecting wire or
printed trace size to handle different motor currents.

On top of that - DPRG members have already made custom boards from time to
time. Custom boards make for very clean robot builds.   So it would be
great to see more custom robot boards in the club. Perhaps this meetup can
help motivate us to do more!  I know I'm interested in doing some flex
circuits at some point...

So it's terrific that Hackster DFW has arranged an entire meetup on the
topic of printed circuit design!  (Thanks Harold P and Ron D!).

Learn more & signup here for the meetup link

This should be a great refresher for those of us who have already made
circuit boards, or a great overview for those who are considering doing
their own layouts - or who just want to learn more about what's involved -
or look for lessons that might be applied to hand soldered protoboards...

[image: highres_495776616.jpeg]

- Carl
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