[Dprglist] SensComp Ultrasonics (Robot News 2/3)

Murray Altheim murray18 at altheim.com
Tue Apr 6 03:28:26 PDT 2021


Here's the second installment of the Robot News.


Hi David,

Thanks very much for your description of the SensComp ultrasonic sensor, as
you provided to the mailing list on 1 April:


I contacted SensComp and received a prompt reply. Chris Henning has given
permission for me to forward the content on to the DPRG.

Chris Henning <chenning at edpcompany.com> of SensComp writes:
 > SensComp offers a complete Development kit using the Arduino. This is the Smart
 > Sensor Ultrasonic Development Kit For Arduino, attached is a spec sheet for the
 > kit. I have also included the spec sheet for the Smart sensor itself which can
 > also be purchased separately. Also attached is the code for the development kit.

Rather than spam the mailing list with the three attachments, I've started
putting together some information about the sensor on a wiki page at:


with the attachments sent to me now attached to that page. With David
Anderson's permission I may try to summarize his notes from the mailing
list as a description of how these little beasts work. As time permits I
may go ahead and purchase a developer kit, as while there is only C code
support I could either run this on my Itsy Bitsy M4 or possibly port the
code to MicroPython or Python. David's description is *almost* a recipe.



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